Life Updates Since Being MIA!

WOW has life been busy! Sorry I have been so inactive this past few months. With the wedding, a new baby on the way, and the craziness of life in general I have had close to no time to stay connected with you lovelies. I missed you all!

First I wanted to say thank you for all of the continued support and love we have received since the big news regarding our newest addition arriving July 2018! We feel so blessed to have such amazing support, whether we are close in life in general or even just through social media your friendship means the world to us. The outpour of love and encouragement during these exciting times as well as changes has been simply amazing.

For those of you who are new to my blog or have no idea what I am talking about, here is a little recap on the past year or so of my life!

I started my blog a little over a year ago. My goal was and still is to share real, raw life events that I have experienced and continue to experience. I love to write about things that people can relate to. I enjoy sharing tips on fashion as well (because who doesn’t like to shop for good deals and great products? I know I do!). My goal through this blog is to share things that you feel you can relate to. I will talk about life in general, fashion, family, and quite frankly– whatever comes to mind! I love trying new things and hope to be able to share those experiences with you. I am easily inspired and want to be able to inspire others too! I feel I am in a place in life where events will make great memories and stories that I can share. I am just a normal chick that loves to laugh A LOT, eat a LITTLE too much, and explore this BEAUTIFUL world! Please subscribe if you are brave enough to join me on this crazy ride! 🙂

--42 Shelby

As most of you know, I was previously married in July of 2016. Sadly, the man I married was unfaithful and not very good to me as our marriage went on. I won’t go into more detail because quite honestly it isn’t worth focusing on the negatives when I have so many positives that are more prominent in my life now. Many people ask me why I don’t remove posts or pictures that involve him. I feel like if I do that I am hiding a piece of my life from those of you following my story. Social media is so easily manipulated into making people look like their life is perfect. Mine isn’t. I never want anyone to think that. I am who I am because of the things that I go through. I am just like you, in no way am I better. What happened is and always will be a part of me, but I found light within the darkness and truly believe it all happened for a reason. If you want to read more about my divorce feel free to go to the “Saying Goodbye to Our Love Story” blog post!

Now onto the good stuff! Here are the big events that have taken place since I last blogged!



I am officially a home owner! With lots of help from family and friends I am moved in and slowly but surely putting each room together. Right now we have roommates that we love dearly! This was a huge event for me– something I dreamed of being able to accomplish all my life.

August 2017 – MEET MOWGLI!


On August 5th, Connor and I brought home our sweet pup Mowgli! He is an Australian Shepherd. He has one blue eye and one brown. He is the sweetest pup in the world. He loves to snuggle and will love on you all day long if you let him! He is about 10 months now and actually gets neutered on Monday. 😦 Poor baby! We love him so much!!!

September 2017 – I BECAME A BEVERLY BELLE!


I feel so honored to have been hired on as a performer for this wonderful company ran by a strong, inspiring woman! The Beverly Belles is a company that creates Andrews Sisters inspired vintage singing trios that can be hired for entertainment at events all over the United States! I started out as a caroler! I went on to learn some new Modern Retro rep that is now available too! Once baby comes I will be performing year round with these beautiful, talented ladies! Here is the website for more details on the amazing company:



Here is a video of us singing the new Modern Retro rep as well! Enjoy!



Meet Connor! Connor and I have been best friends since the 8th grade! We got sat next to each other on the first day of school and completely hit it off. He even remembers the classroom number and the seats we sat in 🙂 From that day forward he was my rock through the ups and the downs of life. We never dated in high school– but everyone thought we would eventually get married. THEY WERE RIGHT. I can’t even believe it! I feel so blessed to literally be married to my best friend, my ride or die, my silly buddy, and my BFFFL!




Not only was I getting to marry my best friend, but I was bringing a life into the world with him! We were absolutely ecstatic! I found out in October! The early stages of pregnancy were the hardest for me. I was just EXHAUSTED all the time– no matter how much sleep I got I felt like I never had enough. Other than that I was lucky, I had no morning sickness (just nausea), no issues sleeping, and no leg cramps or anything weird like that.

February 24th, 2018 – WE GOT MARRIED!


The best day of my life. Our wedding was everything I hoped for and more. More pictures are to come– I promise! We haven’t received them all back yet! A video is in the works too. 🙂 I will write a blog post on details of that day as well as the venue, designers, vendors, etc.

February 26th, 2017 – WE WENT ON OUR HONEYMOON!


Our honeymoon took place in Hawaii! We stayed in Waikiki and had an absolute blast! We called it our honey/babymoon since we knew it would be the last vacation we took before baby arrived. I am working on a video from the trip that I plan on posting soon so stay tuned!

February 28th, 2017 – WE ANNOUNCED GENDER!



It’s a girl! We couldn’t even believe it! At 13 weeks they told us that they were 95% sure it was a boy. 7 weeks later we got a call saying the blood test came back and baby was actually a girl! Our 20 week ultrasounds confirmed that they were indeed wrong and must have seen the umbilical chord or something– she is definitely a girl! We were happy with whatever gender as long as baby is healthy and happy! 🙂 We are working on finding a name, but have a feeling we will want to meet her before 100% deciding on the winner.

Here are a few ultrasound pictures of our little nugget ❤


Here are some bump pictures from the beginning ending with one I took today!


I am currently an avid crocheter, obsessed with Game of Thrones, and preparing in every way that I can for this baby to arrive!

So there’s an update for ya! Life is absolutely insane. So much can happen in such a short amount of time. I am so thankful to be who I am as well as where I’m at today. I am so excited to get this blog back up and running! Thanks for reading lovelies!


Love always,



JORD Watch Giveaway!

I am so excited to be partnering with Jord Watches to host an AMAZING giveaway! Every person that enters will receive $25 off ANY Jord watch on their website. That’s not even the best part! One lucky winner will receive a code worth $100 towards a one-of-a-kind, breath taking, wood watch. 

Enter the giveaway here!!!

I have had the opportunity to wear a Jord watch for a the past few months. They are beautiful. They are light and the detail is beyond amazing. I think one of my favorite parts about the watch is that is doesn’t pinch. Since it is wood, the metal doesn’t catch your hair or skin. 

I hated wearing watches for the longest time so to be honest I was nervous to collaborate with Jord because I get to be 100% honest in my post and hate writing about things I don’t enjoy. As I did more research I noticed they are so much different than regular watches so I decided to give them a try. Now I literally wear my Jord watch everyday. I don’t leave the house without it. 

I picked a very neutral colored watch because I wanted to be able to wear it with everything. 

Now that I am so in love with the style I want more colors. I’m really obsessing over the zebrawood style. It’s definitely on the top of my list. Along with the brand new Cassia style!

These watches are a luxery. They are a timepiece. They are completely unique. My favorite part is that they are a vintage, modern twist on a watch style. The holidays are coming up and this would be the PERFECT gift. Thoughtful, beautiful, and you can even make it personal by getting it engraved. 

Tomorrow is the last day to enter my giveaway so enter now! Hop on those Christmas gifts early! For you dad, brother, mom, sister, or even your best friend. All it takes is an email address. If you have an Instagram handle that will help your chances too! 🙂  

Jord Watch Website

Giveaway Entry

My Watch

If you have any questions about the product comment below!!! 

XOXO lovelies, 


Saying Goodbye to Our Love Story

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home that included a great example of love. Love that has lasted over 22 years. Through out my life I have witnessed my parents make major sacrifices for each other, grow together, and work towards each others happiness even during some of the most difficult times.

I remember one of the first weddings I attended when I was younger had an anniversary dance. The DJ plays an old time love song and slowly asks the couples that have been married less than a number of years to step off of the dance floor. The last couple standing wins. It means their love & commitment to each other has lasted longer than anyone else’s in the room. It acts as an example for the newly married couple– what they will become, where they should want to be in 50 years. My grandparents were the last two standing, not only at that wedding, but every other wedding I went to after. They would sometimes ask them their secret to marriage and I remember my grandfather told them something along the lines of:

“Promise to one another that you will never go to bed angry, and if for some reason you do—make sure you kiss each other goodnight & tell each other ‘I love you’ no matter how angry you are.”

That day, I told myself that I would find a love like that. A love that could overcome anything. A love that lasted a lifetime. I really thought I had found that love.

Never in a million years did I think I would be sitting here typing this…


December 2016 I found out that my husband was unfaithful less than a month after our wedding.


I was in shock. Everything became a complete blur. What else was he hiding? What else did I not know? Why? What did I do wrong? Is it me? Is it my body? Those are just a few of the questions that went through my head at the time.

Before I go on, I want to say that I am not writing this blog post to throw my husband under the bus. I am not writing this blog post because I feel like I have to. I am writing it because I want to help others that have gone through or are going through the same type of thing. I enjoy writing and it is an art that I want to continue to share. When I started blogging I chose to put my life out there– to share my experiences. Not just the fun stuff, but the real, emotional, RAW stuff too. I receive TONS of messages every single day, from people who want advice on things I have experienced, someone to relate to, or even just someone to listen. I have so many messages that I cannot reply quick enough to clear them each day. The point is, I am not perfect, my life is BY FAR not perfect. It is easy to assume through the edited pictures & narrated adventures that everything is always okay. But this, this is raw. This is real. This is life. Life throws you curveballs my friends. Darkness can so easily take over in a time of grief & anger. Luckily God will always bring light into every dark situation. You just have to be willing to open your eyes long enough to see it.

The day I said “I do,” I made a promise. A promise to love my husband through every dark time, to fight for our marriage, to do everything I could to make him happy, and to live every single day for the rest of my life loving him and only him. Those vows were not taken lightly. That is why at that point, I decided to give him a second chance. It didn’t matter what others thought. Some called me stupid, some called me weak, but I knew I wasn’t perfect either and wanted the opportunity to work on whatever he wanted and needed me to work on. It was no excuse for his actions but I realized that marriage was not going to be easy and you make sacrifices for each other. I reevaluated our love languages again, I agreed to see a marriage counselor, and I asked him every single day what he needed. What I could do better. Some days were great, some days we felt on top of the world, but more days than not, they just felt harder. He didn’t know what he needed or what he wanted. He just knew he was not happy. I could not make him happy.

I can’t even begin to explain how I felt. I was trying so hard to be something that fit his idea of “happily ever after” since it had apparently changed. The counselor even told me I was trying during times he was not. I felt defeated. Why was I not enough? What can I change? Should I be more like her? Does he even want this? Shouldn’t he be the one trying? I just kept thinking about how my grandmother would give anything to dance to one more old time love song with my grandfather after he passed. How can you let go of your wife when you have the opportunity to keep her?

But that’s the thing—it was not me (which has taken a long time to be able to accept & believe). I did everything he asked. I did everything I could. He had to find happiness within himself before he could ever be happy with me.

In the end, he ended up leaving. Leaving everything we had created behind. He said goodbye to the memories & the plans we had made. He went to find his new happy. Happiness within himself.

The worst part is, I was so devoted to him that I would have done literally anything to get him to stay. And I am not proud of that. I allowed him to control what I wore, how I acted in front of people, etc. He was taking away my dreams as well as my freedom. He didn’t support me performing anymore either. Everything made him so angry, whether it was a stage kiss in a show as a princess, the costume they asked me to wear as a dancer, or the way I had to look at the person performing with me (DURING THE SCENE!). He changed who I was as a person. All the things he knew about me, accepted about me when we got married were no longer okay. I never hid them. It’s not like they came out of nowhere. I didn’t laugh the same anymore. I had friends telling me that they could visibly see my entire body language change when he came around. Like I had to put up a shield to keep him from getting mad. I had to hide who I really was to keep him from getting upset with me. I just didn’t get it.

Now that I am no longer blinded by love it is easier to see that I deserved better. I deserve someone who loves MY flaws. Someone who will do anything they can to keep ME. At the end of the day, I stayed faithful; I loved with all of my heart up until he wouldn’t allow me to, and I became stronger because of him. REMEMBER THAT. Anyone who is going through this or has gone through something similar (whether it is marriage, a break up, etc.)– it is SO important to remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU ARE STRONG. YOU ARE WANTED. Find some one who treats you right. Treats you with respect. Who reminds you of your self worth. Gives you what you deserve.

If you’re like me, they may have been right in front of your eyes the whole time. 🙂


You will never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.


At first I felt embarrassed by the things I thought & questioned throughout the healing process. I felt embarrassed that he decided I was not enough. I struggled for a while with the thought of what could have been. But I have slowly started to realize that your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth. That is what got me through. It didn’t happen in a day, it took time, a lot of support from friends & family, and self-reflection. I cried, I laughed, I screamed, and I didn’t sleep. It wasn’t easy to get there but I got there. I promise you can too.

It has been a few months now since we have been separated. We will officially be divorced in August. Not every day is fine, but every day is better than it was. It soon will pass. This is the part where I find out who I am. I would be lying if I told you I didn’t miss some part of what we had. How strange it is that after all that we had, we are strangers again. I have found that I miss the memories, but not the person.

I do want to make one thing clear. HE IS NOT HORRIBLE. HE IS NOT HATED. He is just on the path to finding out who he is and who he wants to be. I respect his decision and I hope nothing but the best for him. I hope that he finds the happiness he is longing for. I WAS NOT PERFECT. I have learned a lot from my past marriage. What we had was real, at some point in some way, it was real–but sometimes things fall apart so that other things can fall together. I have to believe that there is a plan. That everything happens for a reason.

With that being said, I will not be taking down the pictures on my social media. I have no reason to hide that piece of my life. I am proud of who I am and what I have been through. I will not act like it didn’t happen. It is a part of who I am and I will embrace that. As should everyone else that has been through something similar. We are given what we can handle. Although sometimes without choice, but it is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

Sometimes decisions are out of our control. Life is weird, but we go through what we do for a reason. God will bring light. I promise. Do not give up on him. You are loved. KEEP GOING. A friend of mine told me that during the first few days of hurt and I live by this. If you allow yourself to stop, you will sink. You have to keep going. Keep searching for that light. Do not let the darkness drag you down.

Lastly, I want to thank those that have made this process easier than I ever thought it could be. To those who have reached out. I appreciate you. I appreciate your concern & genuine thoughts and prayers. To my friends and my family. I am EXTREMELY blessed. I cannot explain how thankful I am for you. I couldn’t imagine life without you. Thank you for dealing with my selfishness, my anger, my hurt & my breakdowns. You are my everything. Thank you for picking up the pieces and being my wings when I could not fly.


Now it is time to start my story. It is time to rediscover who I am.

It’s time to start Becoming Shelby Morgan.


XOXO lovelies,




PC: Laura Murray Photography

My New Go-To Lip Stain!

Okay, can we talk about how much I LOVE lip stain? I think it is one of the greatest makeup creations. No more lipstick on the wine glass, no more smeared colors on your face, no more red marks on your chin (you know–when you eat and your bottom lip touches your chin and leaves a red lipstick mark), and the best of all– MY HUSBAND WILL KISS ME. Troy is not a fan of having pink or red colored lips, as most straight guys aren’t. Every time I go to kiss him or he goes to kiss me when I am wearing lipstick, I will either get a small “work around the lipstick” peck or he asks “lip stain or lipstick?” Yes, he even knows the difference.


Now as much as I love lip stains, it isn’t easy to find effective products with that definition. I have bought several lines that worked for an hour or so and then completely wore off. I was lucky enough to receive the complimentary Kat Von D Vox Box from Influenster last week. In it was the Kat Von D Longlasting Lip Liner. At this point the lipstick had not even been released in common makeup stores like Sephora yet! So you can only imagine how excited I was to test it out.


I went into the trial process with low expectations after the experiences I have had with long-lasting lip sticks/stains. I started reading the label for directions on how to apply (in case it was super specific like LipSense application) and came across the ingredients instead. THIS STUFF IS VEGAN YOU GUYS. Can you say “WHATTTTT?!” I know… I was as shocked as you are. I started to apply the lip liner. I made sure my lips were rid of all other color and or greasy lip balms or glosses. I outlined the outside of my lips going from the inside out so that I didn’t over line my lips, and giggled at myself in the mirror (I looked like that character from Star Wars with the crazy designed lipstick). Then I filled them in all the way. I tried to rub my lips together to smooth the color out and it sort of worked. Mostly, it didn’t move. From there, I put the lip liner in my purse and went on my way.


That night we had decided to go out for a family game night. We went to this cute little Mongolian, hole in the wall restaurant (it’s like our ultimate fav this past year) and then went to the new Boondocks in Parker. Let’s just say we had an absolute BLAST! It was nice to see Troy after a long week of work as well as my family. We have all been so busy lately that we hadn’t all been able to get together outside of the house in a while. We played lots of games and even road virtual game rides! My favorite had to be the virtual rollercoaster as well as this game where you had to play hopscotch. I haven’t laughed as hard as I did that night in a long time.


Throughout the night I kept asking my soon to be sister in law, Alice, to check to see if the lip liner was still on. Every time I asked she said “yes.” I couldn’t believe it. I continued to monitor and take pictures throughout the night.



THIS STUFF IS CRAZY. I put the lip liner on at 7PM and it was STILL ON at 1AM! I didn’t re-apply once.


I have never had a lipstick, lip stain, lip liner, or lip gloss ever stay on that long! I was blown away. And the best part is– IT’S VEGAN TOO! I am so grateful for the free product from Influenster and I cannot wait to try more colors from this line. You can buy it now at your local Sephora! There are 30 different shades! 🙂

Thanks for reading my review on this great beauty project lovelies!


Until next time!



*I was not required to write about this product on my blog, I chose to do so since I loved the product so much. All opinions are true as well as my own. Thank you.*

Our Bittersweet Easter

Easter is a time to rejoice, as well as be thankful for the gift of life that we get to live, love that we get to feel, and joy that we get to share. Sometimes it is easy to forget that those things are indeed gifts. Gifts granted to us through sacrifice. For me, it is a bittersweet holiday, and I felt like this year it was particularly bittersweet.


Last year on Easter, Troy & I were driving home from his base in Ft. Irwin, California. He was officially discharged from the Army the day before and allowed to come back home for good. All I remember was thinking about how we had spoken & dreamed of that day for the past year and a half. The countdown was finally done and the wait was finally over. It all seemed unreal.


Our goal was to drive straight through to Colorado. We had made plans to be back in time for our annual Easter brunch with my family at the Inverness in DTC. The brunch was scheduled for early afternoon that Sunday. At the time, there was a horrible ice/snow storm that hit Raton Pass. Of course, this was the pass we had to drive through in order to get home. Once we hit New Mexico we stopped for dinner. While we were eating we discovered that Raton Pass had been closed due to weather conditions. Devastated, I contacted my family on ideas as to what to do next.

We didn’t have a lot of money, and most of the cheaper hotels were booked. We thought about even sleeping in our car or simply waiting to hear when the pass was reopened. Soon, I get a call from my grandfather telling me that he and my grandmother had found us a hotel room for that night. I proceeded to tell them that we weren’t sure we could spend the money on a few hour stay at this fancy hotel but that I appreciated his help anyways. My grandpa stopped me, he then told me that it was on him. He was paying for it all. He told me that he would do anything to make sure that Troy and I were safe & settled for the night. My heart about exploded! I felt so incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful, kind, giving family. We headed over to the nice, warm, fancy hotel and slept a few hours before waking up to finish the drive. Thankfully the pass had reopened and we made it to brunch with just minutes to spare.


As many of you may know, my grandpa actually passed away a few weeks before my wedding. Little did I know, that Easter would be my last with him. I cannot say enough kind words about my grandfather. Although his heart failed, it was known to be one of the biggest.




Sitting at that table this year in the same room with one less chair was bittersweet. Although I felt sad, as I replayed these memories in my head I couldn’t help but smile. I felt so grateful for the time that I got with him. For the memories that we made. For the love that we shared and the life that he got to live because of the sacrifices Jesus made for us. Easter acts as a reminder that my grandpa rose again in heaven, just like Jesus rose again on the third day. He was reunited with our God. I watched as little kids in their Easter dresses and bow ties ran across the room with eager eyes and open hearts. Life is beautiful–the life that I am living as well as new life that I see every day within something as simple & beautiful as the innocence of a child. Springtime represents the cycle of life. It is all so bittersweet.

This is one of my favorite bible verses that seems relevant to what I just shared with you.


I am not your average church goer, I rarely pick up the bible, but this particular verse has always stuck with me so I wanted to share it with you.

I hope that your Easter was filled with love, light, & laughter. I hope that the memories you made stick with you forever. Here are some fun pictures from our day. 🙂

easter inspo 3

easter inspo 8

easter inspo 5

easter inspo

easter inspo 2

easter inspo 6

easter inspo 1

easte inspo 10

easter inspo 4

easter inspo 11

Check out my fashion page for details on the outfit! ❤

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Until next time!


Shelby Brienzo


Chloe + Isabel Collaboration!

Hi friends! So sorry for the lack of posting last week, there is quite the cold going around and guess who caught it…. Fun I know! Luckily I had a handsome man and a wonderful family to take care of me. 🙂

Oh and I almost forgot to mention how lucky I was to have this little snuggle bug by my side too!


Now that I am feeling a little better, here we are! Back on the grind!

I have recently teamed up with Lisa Haas and her Chloe + Isabel Boutique! Before I share the beautiful products she sent me, here is a little information about the company & brand:

• Chantel Waterbury, the CEO + Founder, is a strong, beautiful, motivated woman and jewelry designer. She wanted to make a difference for young women around the world. As she states on her website, “Chloe + Isabel was created to be a brand people would love, and more importantly, an opportunity our Merchandiser could believe in.” Visit this link to read more about the story behind Chloe + Isabel.
• All jewelry is hand crafted in NYC, hypoallergenic, nickel-free, & lead safe.
• Every piece has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.
How much better does it get than that?! I feel like I spent so much money on jewelry that constantly irritates my skin, breaks, and/or does not look worth what I spent on it. The beauty of this brand is the fact that it does and is the opposite of all of that!
Lisa sent me some BEAUTIFUL pieces that are trending on her boutique right now. The order was placed March 31st, and the pieces were made and shipped by April 4th. For being hand crafted in a personal studio in NYC, that is very impressive. I received the box April 7th. If you watched my Instagram story that day, I did a live opening of the product. All I can say is, HOLY COW. The packaging was top-notch! Everything was so beautiful I didn’t want to open & ruin it!
Everything was in its individual box that said Chloe + Isabel. Once you opened the box, they were placed in cute little cinch bags with the logo on them.
These are absolutely perfect for storing the jewelry so you don’t lose or break it… which lets be honest– I am the queen at that… LOL!
Next lets talk about the quality and beauty of this jewelry. WOW. I was blown away by the individuality & sparkle each item had. The high quality of workmanship & materials used in each item is amazing! Every piece is one of a kind. It is nothing like what you would find at your regular, mass-produced jewelry stores.
Modern Mosaic Statement Necklace & Jolie Crystal Bracelet
Modern Mosaic Statement Necklace & Jolie Crystal Bracelet
I cannot say enough good things about this boutique.
Sunset Vista Statement Earrings & Two Row convertible Necklace
I mean come on! Look at those earrings! Its doesn’t get much prettier than that.
They have products for everyone. If you visit the website you will see anything from wrap around rings to hair accessories. Products range from as low as $18! Here are some of my favorite items under $50:
Any money that you spend on this jewelry is SO worth it. Here is why:
1. You break it, they fix it. Lifetime guarantee.
2. It won’t irritate your skin. I have the most sensitive skin ever & I had no problem wearing that larger necklace all day long.
3. You are shopping through a smaller brand name, the customer service is going to better, and the people you are benefiting are small business owners, stay at home moms, & even college students that are trying to stay afloat. Self motivated people who want to bring you a product that is worth every penny. A product that will benefit YOU just as much as it will benefit them.
4. EVERYTHING IS SO DANG CUTE. You cannot find it anywhere else.
5. It is designed in a studio in NYC & everything is hand crafted specially for you.
6. IT IS THE PERFECT GIFT! I am constantly looking for a personalized gift for friends & family members. Birthdays, wedding showers, etc. They do all the work for you once you pick out the pieces you want AND it is delivered straight to their door!
7. Last but not least, there is a promo going on right now!!! See below picture for details!
I am so grateful to have been able to team up with Lisa. Chloe + Isabel is a brand that I will GLADLY promote. Take a look friends! See what you are missing out on! 😉
Here is the link to start shopping:
Thanks for reading lovelies! Until next time!
Shelby Brienzo
*Just a reminder: I only review products that I want to review & review them with complete honesty. I am not required to review them a certain way.*

The Path to Conquering Childhood Cancer

Troy has teamed up with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research! He is shaving his head with Mayor Mike Waid & The Parker Police Department on April 29th, 2017. He has set a goal of $500 to be donated. As of today, he is officially halfway there! WOO! If donating is something you are […]

Troy has teamed up with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for childhood cancer research! He is shaving his head with Mayor Mike Waid & The Parker Police Department on April 29th, 2017. He has set a goal of $500 to be donated. As of today, he is officially halfway there! WOO! If donating is something you are interested in, please click on the link below! Every dollar helps! 🙂

Troy Brienzo – A St. Baldrick’s Participant

St. Bladrick's Foundationst-bladricks-donation[2]

When Troy came to me with the idea of shaving his head, I was quite surprised. If you know him, you most likely know that he LOVES his hair. Sometimes he takes longer than I do to style it–NOT KIDDING. He always has to have a specific kind of gel–he refuses to use anything but his normal product, and he takes longer showers than I do because he scrubs his hair for so long. Lol!

I wasn’t sure at first if he would follow through, but little did I know, he was completely serious. He signed up and posted the link that day. People started donating right away. It is refreshing to see how kind and giving people are in this world, especially when it supports this cause. I am so proud of him for being so selfless! ….I may also be really excited to see what he looks like with no hair–I can get a sneak peak of what to expect when he loses it all as we get old…. 😉

Since we are talking about ways to get closer to conquering childhood cancer, I wanted to talk about another foundation that is near and dear to my heart.

Brent's place

“A safe, clean and supportive place to heal.”

“Brent’s Place is the only Children’s Hospital Colorado approved Safe-Clean housing facility for immune compromised patients and their families, providing a living environment that is essential to healing and recovery.”

Troy and I try and volunteer at Brent’s Place as much as possible. Sadly, with our recent busy schedules, we haven’t been able to for a while. I started volunteering at Brent’s in high school. As a volunteer, you help with things such as: cooking dinners for families in the home, hosting game nights, craft nights, & even movie nights. If you can’t tell, this place holds a very special place in my heart.

Last year, for our two year dating anniversary, Troy and I could not decide on what to do. We didn’t have a specific need or want to go anywhere for dinner. We didn’t feel like dressing up and going out just to sit in a loud restaurant with lots of people… Eventually, we decided to host a craft night at Brent’s Place instead of going to some fancy dinner! Since we officially started dating on December 22nd, we planned to go around that time. We helped the kiddos make ornaments for their Christmas trees as well as little gifts for their family members.

A lot of the children that join us during these activities are the siblings of those battling cancer. If the little ones that are undergoing treatment feel up to it, they will join us too. Our goal is to sort of act as a distraction from the world of doctor’s and medicine that they are constantly around. The smiles on their faces when you start talking to them is absolutely priceless. If you can give them just a few extra minutes of happiness after a day that may have been filled with sadness and/or stress, you will feel on top of the world.

Sometimes I think we forget how good we have it. There are little ones fighting for their lives every single day. I catch myself complaining about silly things like having to scrape the ice off of my windshield when it snows, or having to clean the house when it is my only day off. When volunteering, I am constantly reminded that there is always someone going through a lot more than me. We all have our moments when we feel like the world is crashing down and that is okay. This doesn’t make our feelings any less important, but it does act as a good reminder that it could be worse. It’s important that we make sure not to take any moment we are given here on this earth for granted.

The best part of the whole volunteer experience is realizing how much of an impact the kiddos have on you. They are the true light– their presence is so inviting and courageous. You will feel blessed to spend time with them and want to thank them for making YOU smile. You feel a certain type of joy talking, laughing, & playing with them that you can’t get anywhere else.


The picture above is from our last time there. We are hoping to make this a tradition for our wedding anniversary now that we are married! I am so excited I can’t even stand it!

Although Troy and I haven’t been able to volunteer together at the actual home in a while, I was able to volunteer as Elsa at their annual Kid’s Cure for Cancer Fun Walk this year. Wands and Wishes Occasions was kind enough to let me use the costume all day for the event. It was an absolute blast! We sang songs, played games, and cheered for those walking. I hope to be a part of it again this year!

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Brent’s Place is always looking for volunteers, donations of any type, as well as support. Here is their website if you are interested in helping make a difference:

Thanks for reading lovelies! Until next time. 🙂



Hi there! Before we get blogging, I wanted to tell you all a little about myself.

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My name is Shelby Brienzo. I am 22 years old. I currently work at a mortgage company as a loan processor. I attended the University of Northern Colorado majoring in Musical Theatre for two years and then decided to continue school online through Colorado State University Global. I am currently majoring in Project Management.

On the side of mortgage and school, I also sing, act & dance as a part time job and hobby. I am consistently and currently performing in professional musical theatre productions around Colorado.

PC: Olga Lopez Photography (Wild Party Pictures) & Pam Spika Photography (Beauty & the Beast Pictures)

I am also blessed enough to have been hired by a wonderful company called Wands & Wishes Occasions as a performer. My job is to go to children’s birthday parties as their favorite Disney character! So yes– I get to be an ACTUAL PRINCESS for work. It is simply magical!

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If you can’t tell, I like to stay busy! 🙂

Now less about me and more about my family–I married the love of my life on July 9th, 2016 at the Barn at Raccoon Creek in Littleton, Colorado.

PC: Hannah Truly Photography & Kind Honey Photography


PC: Hannah Truly Photography & Kind Honey Photography


PC: Hannah Truly Photography & Kind Honey Photography


His name is Troy. We met in high school math class where we were simply acquaintances. Little did we know, we would eventually create a beautiful, adventurous life together!

We started dating long distance when he was in the military. Which meant lots of Facetime dates and surprise visits!



Which allowed for crafty, cheesy signs–my favorite! 🙂


Now he is back home and has recently been sworn in as a Police Officer. I couldn’t be more proud of him!!


He is 22 years old and the most handsome, kind, courageous man I have ever met. I am one lucky girl.

PC: Hannah Truly Photography


PC: Hannah Truly Photography


To me, family is everything. We are lucky enough to be VERY close to my family.

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We spend practically every minute with them and I mean that quite literally. We are living with all 5 of them right now! We are lucky to have such a wonderful support system. To be honest, I don’t know what we would do without them.

We are also on the way to owning our own home! (Hence the living with the parents piece of things.) We signed the paperwork to start the building process the day before our wedding (July 8th, 2016). We now have a close date of May 26th, 2017. We are so excited we can’t even stand it! Counting down the days!


No babies yet! The closest we have to that is our new pup named Frankie who is quite the princess! She is a Teddy Bear mix (Bichon-Shitzu-Poodle). We named her after Frankenstein because her front arms are so long she walks like she has never walked before! She is spoiled rotten and loves every minute of it.


My goal through this blog is to share things that you feel you can relate to. I will talk about life in general, fashion, family, and quite frankly– whatever comes to mind! I love trying new things and hope to be able to share those experiences with you. I am easily inspired and want to be able to inspire others too! I feel I am in a place in life where events will make great memories and stories that I can share. I am just a normal chick that loves to laugh A LOT, eat a LITTLE too much, and explore this BEAUTIFUL world! Please subscribe if you are brave enough to join me on this crazy ride! 🙂

Xoxo lovelies,



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